Turnings of the Sun

by Naturetone

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released May 7, 2012

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lyrics and vocals on Stargazing by D.L.O. the Iceman

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clarinet on Retrograde Motion by Thierry Perroud

vocals for Skin Deep recorderd at audioflair.ch
all song mastered at echochamber.ch
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Track Name: Stargazing
First verse
I'm coming from a iIlla grade
Far past the milky way
The flow shine, provide the light during the day
Light up the moon during night with high grade
Space ghost, hitch a ride on my cape  yo
I stay low, asteroids fly with the hate glow
wish that they hot but they stay cold, they fake flows
Shine bright in black holes center
My tilt change your nice summer to a cold winter
Greenhouse effect when my UVs enter
photosynthesis in trees grow winners
Get to close I burn that ass like mercury
Gases up like Venus in a state of  emergency
You heard of me, yeah, create life like a feritle seed
Everything in life you see always depend on me
Them other stars in sky, they just mini mes
You was cool till change the level of humidity
Make you stick close to reigns of my gravity
I'll be gone in 5 billions years, tragedy
Even your majesty 
naw,he ain't as bad as me
8 minutes on the grind, whole world feeling me

Second verse
It ain't over till I supernova
Every day, east to west when I hover over
In the past people thought that I was Jehovah
Now they absorb my energy from the solar
I'm the reason why you wanna grab a cold soda
Stay in the house when Im hot if ya age older
Shine ill, burn the skin on a pale shoulder
I guide the path of flight, I'm a nice chauffeur
I was made of mainly Hydrogen & Helium
I bring the heat cause it part of my curicullum
You may drive a nice benz with some heated leather
But I drive life, climate & the weather
Keep it together, 9 kids follow when I turn
I love em all but favorite is the third
Barbecues, summer parties, I'm helping the fun
I'm not ya boy but you still call me the sun, I'm the one
Track Name: Over The Horizon
First verse
I turned my back on Oxford lectures and walked to Mecca
I've had the need to walk away since I cannot remember
wanderlust...all that London ever offered us
was cholera coughs and the constant smell of coffin dust
my hearts at home in parts unknown and forgotten
it's not a hobby or job, I just got no other options
greed is a game, money's just a means of escape
I was playing it by saying what I needed to say
lied to kings, queens and popes for boats and gold
gave them all the glory, gave them no control
we used to be pirates, today we disguise it as science
...obsessed with that silent horizon
the sky is not the limit, it's stupid to assume
don't underestimate the apes who put some bootprints on the moon
today the names that get admired are the petty liars
...Marco Polo never even went to China
I been alone for days on the frozen wastes
tracing constellations while Satan spoke my name
I stowed away on a boat from Spain
a boat that sank off the coast of Maine in the soaking rain
survived for weeks off whatever I could find to eat
no time to sleep, walked a hundred miles at least
saw lost monuments to wasted greatness
nameless places, pagan standing on the graves of ancients
off the map, on the map, constant back and forth
before I pass the torch understand what you're asking for
and I will not answer questions so don't bore me
there's no glory, once you get to know the whole story
I got a thousand and one, doubt what I've done
scaled K2 shaking with a mouth full of blood
the sherpas turned silent, then turned and left
I headed further west in the face of certain death

Second verse
escaped from Nicaragua, sailed from Grenada
hit the rock of gibraltar and washed up in Malta
from there it gets sketchy and the symbolism's heavy
walked to Greece, swam across the baltic sea
woke up sober in Genova with a migraine
stole a stolen horse and rode across the high plains
to Rome...in diguise since my face is known
you place faith in Fate but I create my own
secret chiefs speak to me in fever dream fragments
fasted for weeks on the peaks of the East Passage
the need to exceed the known, just leave and go
the fever broke, I walked bleeding down Phonecian roads
found London in flames...as the populace panicked
I finally found my ride back across the Atlantic
the family manor was a prison to me
so I will never regret the things I did to be free
besides, before his whole enlightenment gig
first the Buddha walked out on his wife and his kid
and I won't deny I've provided some tribal chiefs
with some white meat from missionary bible freaks
and I know I don't die because the Jungle doesn't let me
off into the nothing with a compass and machete